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Get ready to welcome Anaut, a heady mixture of R’n’B, rock and roll, and soul, and one of the shining stars of the new generation of Hispanic Soul. Leading the group is Alberto Anaut, a singer and guitarist with a voice bursting with personality; an amazing blend of velvety tones and heartbreak which won’t disappoint. The band is proud to present an exceptional album brewed up in rigorous analogue in the Brazil & Funkameba Studios.

Sixteen musician recorded “Times Goes On”, Jon Cleary and Antonio Serrano between then, and helped the band to take this great step in their to career which gets deeper in the roots of afro American music and takes them to an open space to find their own voice and their own sound.

“Exceptional quality, a must see live band. A star has been born” 

Santiago Alcanda Radio3
“Knowledge, rhythm, confidence, and lots of soul”

Cadena SER

You got me in heat (Official video). ANAUT

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