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Bang!, the new album from the Madrileñan band The Groovin’ Flamingos, is the perfect name for a collection of tunes which hits you with its cornucopia of sounds. Rock n roll, garage, r n b and even hot latin rhythms are all re-imagined and mixed with funk and soul flourishes. These tunes are sure to get you moving, but your mind as well as your feet will get a work out thanks to their ironic and subtly nostalgic lyrics.
Amazingly, drums, bass, guitar and hammond organ, where recorded in one marathon session in the band’s own rehearsal studio by percusionist Edu Jerez. These were done in only one or two takes, with the least amount of microphones possible  to ensure the band produced that raw energy (or as they like to call it the smell of burning valves) that comes from a live performance. Bang! has been mastered at PullPush Studios by Santi Quizphe who has successfully combined the band’s raw and vintage style with a clear and contemporary sound.
The album is bursting with killer tracks, taking us on a musical journey. The sounds of Motown are conjured up on the amazing “So Long My Friends”, we meet psychedelia on “Fu Manchu vs Zombies”, and run into boogaloo and guguanco on “Do the Miguelito”. You can rock out to the brilliant “Fantastic Sound”, lose yourself in the genius lyrics of “Hold on Little Babes” which examines the bottled innocence of girl bands and dance it out to the Philadelphia disco style of “Lo Sabes, Lo Quieres”.
 The Groovin’ Flamingos have created their own unique sound with these 9 tracks, weaving their magic into each note. And if you listen carefully, you will pick up influences from some of Spain’s legendary bands from the 70s such as the Bravos, Brincos and Canarios, mixing together to create what we could call a mind blowing Iberico Soul.

The Groovin´ Flamingos (official video)

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