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This new release has luxurious collaborations like Lou Marini (Blues Brothers) Jairo Zavala (Depedro) Julián Maeso and the voice of Tulsa. This new release has eleven original songs which reminds different styles.

The blues can be also named in Spanish. Gatos Bizcos is an outstanding example of it, and after the overwhelming success of their first release “I can`t believe my eyes” the group has just publish “Eurovegas” their second CD, more mature and reflecting a higher experience in styles from blues to swing, from Rhythm & Blues to Soul with echoes from the most primitive New Orleans Jazz.

In Eurovegas we will appreciate a clear evolution in the sound of this Madrid based band trough it’s eleven original new songs and joining the band a new member, the pianist Miguel Rodríguez.
Their illusion was recording in analogical, a dream come true thanks to the crowdfunding which not only gave them the possibility to record, it also putted them trough with a great number of fans who have all bet for the same, to let them continue doing what they do best; Music.

In this second release, recorded as the first one in the Madrid based and recognized as the reference in Spain for analogical recording “Funkameba Studio” by Santi Martín Sweet fingers, taking care till the minimum detail of the production and the arrangements, having outstanding collaborations like; Lou Marini (Blues Brothers), Jairo Zavala (Depedro), Bob Sands, Santi Cañada, Chiaky Mawatary, David Carrasco, Álex Serrano, Julián Maeso, Luca Frasca, Raul Marques, Marina Sorín, Francisco Simón and the invaluable voice of Miren Iza (Tulsa)

GATOS BIZCOS / Eurovegas (Official Video)

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